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Planning and Sales Promotion of the Official Water of Waseda University

Since October 21, 2017, Waseda University Property Management Corp. (aka WUPM) has been promoting the sales of Official Water of Waseda University. The source of water is Ryusen-do Cave located near Tanohata Village in Iwate Prefecture where lots of Waseda students who belong to Shiino-Mori have been engaged in volunteer activities related to tree cultivating for more than 50 years.

The water is bottled in Iwate and sold as the Official Water of Waseda University by WUPM. Ryusen-do Cave is well known as one of three greatest limestone caves in Japan and has been designated as a national natural treasure and the water from Ryusen-do Cave has been designated as one of the top 100 natural water in Japan.

The Waseda Water costs 100 yen per bottle including tax and is available at University Coop or 125 SHOP of Waseda University. If you are interested in purchasing Waseda Water by boxes, please feel free to contact us from the menu of inquiry.

For details of Waseda Water, please refer to its official site though in Japanese only.