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Development, Brokerage, Student Housing Center


In collaboration with Waseda University, we make real estate plans in the areas surrounding each campus area and construct buildings. In accordance with demand, we build student dormitories, complex facilities including commercial facilities, and office buildings to provide convenience to students, faculty and staff while contributing to the revitalization of the area.

Complex Facilities

Okuma Square Building

Okuma Square Building[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] March, 2015
In addition to the university-owned land of Okuma Avenue we acquired the adjacent land and developed a building complex. The aim is to contribute to the regional activation; place together companies affiliated with the university; and provide student dormitories. The 1st floor is a café where local residents and students gather; on floors 2 to 4 are the offices of the university affiliated companies; floors 5 to 10 are a dormitory for Waseda female students only. (Ichishima Memorial Dormitory in Waseda). The building plays a role of connecting the university with the area.

Higashi-fushimi STEP 22 Building

Higashi-fushimi STEP 22 Building[Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo] March, 2004
It is a building complex that integrates the school building and commercial facilities with the site of the diving swimming pool, which was in Waseda University’s Higashifujimi campus. As tenants we operate sports centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, dental clinics, and burger shops in the commercial facilities to revitalize the community and improve the convenience of students.

Waseda STEP 21 Building

Waseda STEP 21 Building[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] March, 1993
We organized a number of landowners, including Waseda University and Waseda University Press, gathered the premises together, and constructed a facilities complex of office buildings and residential buildings. The residential building is used as an accommodation facility for foreign researchers.
Students’ Dormitory

Tanashi KONPEKI Dormitory

Tanashi KONPEKI Dormitory[Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo] March, 2008
It was proposed to the university to change the Tanashi dormitory, which was a long-time male autonomous dormitory into a new student dormitory for men and women. The proposal was approved and the new dormitory was built.
After that, the function as a student dormitory for general students was handed over to WISH in Nakano, but now after renovation of the Tanashi Konpeki dormitory it is operated as a dormitory for athletes.

Nishi-waseda International Students' Dormitory

Nishi-waseda International Students’ Dormitory[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] July, 2008
At Waseda University, which has the largest number of international students in universities throughout the country, this is a dormitory designed and built for exchange students in land that was searched near the campus.

Sanae Dormitory for male students of Honjo Senior High School

Sanae Dormitory for male students of Honjo Senior High School[Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture] March, 2012
At the time of the school opening in 1982, students who were unable to commute from their homes to school were lodged in consigned homes built by local collaborators, but after 30 years, due to the aging of collaborators and buildings, it became indispensable to build a student dormitory.
Therefore, we planned and built a student dormitory for the high school.

Espoir Mejiro

Espoir Mejiro[Toshima-ku, Tokyo] March, 1983
In February 2009 we purchased a female student dormitory owned by an existing private company and carried out remodeling. At the time of the purchase, many students of other university than Waseda stayed in, but over the course of a few years it became a dormitory exclusive to Waseda students only.

Dormitory for students of Setsuryo Junior & Senior High School

Dormitory for students of Setsuryo Junior & Senior High School[Ibaraki City, Osaka] March, 2010,March, 2011
We established a high quality educational environment by constructing the dormitory for Waseda Setsuryo Junior and Senior High School. The school gathers students from all over the country and became part of the schools affiliated to Waseda University for the first time in the Kansai area.
It was constructed separately for stage I and stage II.
Students’ Apartment

Okuma Avenue

Okuma Avenue[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] March, 2007
As a utilization measure of idle land purchased in 2000, we planned and built a student apartment. It is a property that is popular because it is a female student apartment close to the campus.
Office Building

Building 28, Waseda University

Building 28, Waseda University[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] November, 2006
On the land that we used for our former wooden headquarters of Waseda University Enterprise Corp., and the land of the adjacent faculty and staff training center, we have planned and constructed our headquarters office building. After the headquarters office has moved to Okuma Square Building in 2015, a licensed nursery by Shinjuku ward and university-related facilities have moved in.

Tennis Court in Tokorozawa Campus

Tennis Court in Tokorozawa Campus[Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture] October, 2009
We bought a tea field adjacent to the Tokorozawa Campus and carried out everything from development application to construction order as a tennis court and transferred it to the university after completion.
Currently it is used mainly by the soft tennis club, Waseda University.

New Life Waseda

New Life Waseda[Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo] June, 1982
It is an apartment near the university south gate that we bought during the
Waseda University Printing Corp. era.
It was used as a dressing room for the staff in charge during the entrance examination printing period but in 2012 it was renovated and we operate it as a two-room share house.
Okuma Square Building Office Building Ichishima Memorial Dormitory in Waseda

Flow from planning to operation

Flow from planning to operation

Mediation (trading)

When Waseda University buys and sells real estate, negotiates with counterparties, adjusts contracts, etc. we play a role as a specialized intermediary company at Waseda University so that it can conduct safe transactions.

  • Purchase of land in the Mikajima, Tokorozawa City (University’s competition club training camp site)
  • Nerima Ward municipal road disposal (Within the premises of Waseda University Senior High School)
  • Purchase of land along Okuma Street (Site of Okuma Square Bldg.)
  • Purchase of land along Waseda Street (Site of Bldg. 29)
  • Purchase of land adjacent to Bldg. 24-8 (one office building)

Student Housing Center

We introduce apartments to Waseda students and we focus on peace of mind and security. Every year we hold housing fairs from November to March within the university campus for new students and we also handle apartments with no agency commissions.
Offering Chinese and English support, we fully take care of Waseda students searching for apartments.

Contact us
  • tel. 03-5285-3016 fax. 03-5285-3135
  • 1-103, Totsuka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0071, JAPAN
    (1st floor of the building 99, Waseda University)
  • e-mail.

Student Housing Center

Information Site for Short-term residence by the Student Housing Center can be found here.