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1. Providing High Quality Services and Excellent Solutions

For a low price we offer high quality services and various excellent solutions as specialists in businesses such as acquisition and trading of Waseda University sites, construction and management of student dormitories, brokerage of student housing, campus cleaning management, security, facility operation and management, etc.

2. Contributing to Society as a Member of Waseda University Group

As a member of the group of Waseda University, we aim to mutually cooperate and aim to be an indispensable presence for Waseda University. Through this, we share the mission of Waseda University as a social institution, and contribute greatly to Waseda University, students, faculty and staff, and society.

Corporate Outline

Corporation Name Waseda University Property Management Corp.
Establishment 1948
Capital Amount 3,600 million JPY
Business Information
  • Real Estate Buying & Selling, Lease Management and Mediation
  • Leasing of Real Estate and Movable Properties
  • Rental Housing Service for Students
  • Maintenance Management, Security and Cleaning of Interior and Exterior of Buildings
  • Lease of Rooms and Dormitories
  • Various Construction Works
  • Planning and Management of Various Ceremonies
  • Office Processing Services Contractor
  • Specified Luggage Service Business
  • Light Car Cargo Transportation Services
  • Planning and Sales of Goods
Number of Employees 47
Location of Headquarters Office 1-9-12, Nishi-waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051, JAPAN
Main Client Waseda University
Board Composition
  • Kazuo KIMURA
Board Members
  • Masahiko GEMMA (Vice President and Professor of Waseda University)
  • Shoji KAI (Administrative Director of Financial Affairs Division, Waseda University)
  • Akira MIURA (Administrative Director of Personnel Division, Waseda University)
  • Hirokazu OKAMOTO (Administrative Director of Campus Planning Division, Waseda University)
  • Koichi YAMASHITA (Vice President of the Waseda University Group Holdings Corp.)
  • Takao TOMOGANE (Administrative Vice-Director of General Affairs Division, Waseda University)