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Student apartment managed by our company

Ichishima Memorial Dormitory in WasedaIchishima Memorial Dormitory in Waseda

Okuma AvenueOkuma Avenue

[State: Lender]It is a special apartment for Waseda university female students.

  • Convenience: Approx. 2 minutes on foot from Waseda Campus
  • Safety: Fully equipped security entrance hall
  • Security: management system consisting of an administrator and a call center

Apartments not managed by us

Student Housing Center (under the Estate Planning Division)

Student Housing Center

[State: Mediation]The Student Housing Center conducts housing intermediation operated by our company.

There are also properties with no commission fee! We are a strong ally of Waseda students looking for apartments!

Student dormitory managed by our company

Espoir MejiroEspoir MEJIRO (Dormitory for female students)

Tanashi KONPEKI DormitoryTanashi KONPEKI Dormitory. Exclusive use of students who belong to university’s sports club (male and female)

We manage various dormitories according to the needs of Waseda University.

  • Safety and security: The administrators, a husband and wife, offer very detailed services.
  • Safety: fully equipped security entrance hall

Since the application method is different from student apartments, please check the details of the property first.